August 2018: Pine City Kids Drone Flight School


August 2018: Pine City Kids Drone Flight School


August 6, 7, 8, 9th . Pine City High School Commons.

  • Each student get their own DRONE

  • Learn to fly like a pro

  • Science & Tech focus

  • Challenging Real-world mission

  • So much fun!

  • Students create a YouTube video of their class

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Kids Drone Flight School offers students an in-depth look at the world of drones through pilot training in real-world simulations! Team challenges! Search and rescue simulations and the obstacle course! So much fun that our students don’t notice that there’s science learning going on!  Each participant gets their own mini drone to continue their training at home.  

Minimum class sizes do apply.  If these minimum class sizes are not met, you can elect to re-register for a later class in the calendar year or for a full refund.