Drone Repair as a Career Option


What comes to mind when you think about drones? Most people think about them for recreational use, but there is an astounding number of drone careers making their way into the job market.

In the next few years, thousands of drone careers will be available in multiple markets. Real estate companies are already using drone videography to help sell homes. Drones are being used to help make maps as well as for photography, modeling, thermography, and cinematography.

The drone market is blowing up, and it is an exciting time to become part of it. Drone flying will add jobs to the economy at all experience levels. Getting your dream job flying drones is not only in-demand, but fun to do. If you are getting excited about the thought of a career in drones, contact the UAV professionals at Sky Eye Films for a closer look at drones and what you can do with them.

With the increase in drone-related careers, there is one specialty that often sits in the background but will become the most needed career of all — drone repair.

The Need for Drone Repair Technicians

It doesn’t matter whether you purchased your drone to make money, start a business, or just for fun, the joy of opening that package is the same. You pull out the pieces with great anticipation of getting it into the air. Everything you need to start your journey to being a drone pilot is in that box.

Even the instructions on how to assemble and use it are exciting to open and read. You are about to be a drone pilot, and you can’t wait. In your excitement, you probably didn’t realize that there is nothing in the box to tell you how to maintain your drone, or how to fix it when it breaks. When you have a broken drone in your hands, then and only then will drone repair come to your mind.

Your drone is broken, performing erratically, or needs maintenance. You begin to panic. You call the manufacturer, and if they can’t help you, you start to feel stuck. Sadly, there is a good reason for your despair.

There are no standard scheduled maintenance instructions for drones. The FAA offers some general information (see Chapter 7) about safe operation and pre-flight inspection, but will that be enough? No.

Drone Purchases Outpacing Drone Repair Guidelines


When it comes to drone maintenance, each drone type and manufacturer has different recommendations and procedures, but that piece of paper wasn’t in your box.

The reason you are having a hard time finding maintenance and repair information is two-fold. Since there are no specific rules concerning drone maintenance that manufacturers must follow, then there are also no standard drone maintenance guidelines.

The second issue is that a drone, or UAS, does not have specific design requirements since it does not need to be a certificated aircraft. That leads to a wide variance in design and quality.

Drone technology, just like drone use, is changing very quickly. The FAA realized that it would be too complicated to provide a set of maintenance rules in addition to prescribing new maintenance and safety requirements because of how rapidly the UAS technology is changing.

Are Drone Repair Technicians Needed?

Back to your box. There are no maintenance or repair instructions, and you’re staring at an inoperable drone. Do you trash it and buy another one? Is there someone out there who can fix it?

If you have a less expensive recreational drone, tossing it and buying another one may be the thing to do, especially if you didn’t get a replacement warranty. If you have a more expensive drone, especially one you use to make money, knowing where you can find a good drone repair technician will be priceless.

Without drone repair technicians, your only option to fix your drone is returning it to the manufacturer. Why give the buyer a maintenance or repair manual when you can put them in a position to have to send it back to you when it breaks?

Maybe that sounds bad, but business is business.

When Does the need for a Drone Repair technician Arise?


As mentioned earlier, if you own a $100 drone and it breaks, a drone repair technician would probably be of little use to you. But what if you own a drone that cost you anywhere from $5,000 - $70,000? Is this a drone you want to throw in the trash? Do you want to send it back to the manufacturer to be fixed on their schedule?

If you own an expensive drone, you probably need it. If you are making money with your drone, you definitely need it. Every day you are without your drone is a day you are losing money. You need a knowledgeable and accessible drone repair technician.

With so many industries using drones today, they need their drones in working order at all times. Think of the drones used in sports stadiums and law enforcement. What about the drones used by the government?

These drones require regular maintenance and repair, and someone has to be there to do it.

What about those who have a personal business using drones? We have already discussed that manufacturers do not include maintenance manuals, and that people who use drones for business need their drones in good working order. The only way to take care of this issue is to train others to maintain and repair drones and promote drone repair as a viable career.

It doesn’t matter that drone operators are often the cause of their drones needing repair. The fact is simple. We need people who are trained to repair broken drones and help keep them in good operating condition.

Become a Drone Repair Technician

We have a growing need for drone technicians. If you are interested in becoming a drone repair technician, look for a certification program or school near you and get in there. If drone usage is going to grow, we are going to need people all over the world who can maintain and repair them.

If you are interested, check out Dartdrones or talk to the professionals at Sky Eye Films for more information

The March of the Drones: Where they were, where they are and where they are headed


As technology and demand have grown over the years, drones have become much more than a hobby. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are not only fun to fly but also are useful tools in a variety of industries. From aerial photography to military surveillance, drones have essential jobs.

Many industries employ drones in their operations. Real estate professionals, insurance companies, and more use these fantastic tools to make jobs easier and more efficient. At Sky Eye Films, we reveal beauty through our stunning drone photography images. Aerial photography provides an alternate way of viewing things, whether it’s a house for sale or a beautiful landscape.

Sky Eye Films also understands the importance of drone education and drone pilot training. We believe in promoting drone use, and we are committed to helping others understand the drone world.

To envision the where drones are headed, it’s essential to understand where they have been. Drones have come a long way over the years. The future is exciting for the world of drones, and if you’ve been interested in this fascinating field, now is the time to catch a ride.

The History of Drones

Believe it or not, drones have been around for more than a century. Drones have been a part of many different projects and tasks in the past 170 years and continue to make their mark today.

Early Drone History

It may come as a surprise to learn that drones began as far back as 1849. The history of drones begins with unmanned hot air balloons. Used by the Austrians to attack Venice with explosives, these hot air balloons were not always the most reliable weapons. However, they did pave the way for today’s drone.

Early in the 1900s, Great Britain created the first pilotless aircraft. However, this first drone did was not adopted as an effective tool for the British military. As World War II began, scientists and military engineers continued to explore drone technology.

During the 1980s, the drones we now think of became a popular military tool for surveillance and scouting enemy positions. Drones also have the critical task of taking pictures for reconnaissance missions. Later, they were used to deploy explosives -- much more effectively and precisely than those first Austrian un-piloted hot air balloons.

Drones Transition Toward Commercial Use

Although drones got their start as a military tool, as technology grew in the early 2000’s, people began adapting them for additional uses. Soon the Federal Aviation Administration approved commercial use of drones, although their popularity didn’t immediately take off.

Leave it to retail giant Amazon to kickstart the drone craze. As Amazon began testing using drones for package deliveries, the public’s interest grew. Soon, businesses found numerous ways to use drones for a wide variety of tasks.

Drones Today

Today, drones participate in many operations and projects. As technology advances, making drones more efficient and less expensive, people continue to find uses for these fantastic tools.

Military Use

The military still uses drones today. Drones play a role in military defense as they provide surveillance and deliver supplies and medicine. Drones are also sometimes used offensively by the military for targeted strikes.

Disaster Relief

Drone use improves disaster relief efforts. Drones can fly to unreachable areas and take photos to assess and report damage. Drones are even sometimes used to help prevent forest fires. By monitoring abnormal forest temperatures, drones help identify areas prone to fire.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies use aerial photos taken by drones to document insurance claims. Drones are a cost-saving measure in this case as they can collect images instead of sending out an adjuster.


The tourism and hospitality industry uses drone aerial photography and videography to better market their resorts and hotels. Beautiful aerial images showcase the property and feature its amenities in more effective advertising campaigns.

Real Estate

The use of drones to feature real estate is changing the face of home sales. Aerial photography can show not only a house but also the surrounding area. Drones can capture vantage points that aren’t ordinarily available, such as flying through the front door for a walk-through or showing the view from the roof. Home buyers can get a first look at a property before checking it out in person.

The Future of Drones

Drones are making headway in commercial as well as private use. Whether a hobby, a side job, or a lucrative career, drones are paving the way for innovation. With technology always advancing, drones will continue to be a prominent tool in the future.

Drones themselves are becoming easier to use, which will make them more accessible to people. As people gain interest in this exciting field, new ideas will transpire. The sky's the limit when you’re thinking about the future of drones.

From military advancement to commercial use, drones are ready to change the way we do business.

Sky Eye Films Leading the Way

If you are looking for an aerial photographer or videographer, Sky Eye Films is the premier Minnesota company. We focus on providing the best photos as well as the best post-production editing, ensuring you are completely satisfied with your project.

Contact us today and let Sky Eye Films show your project in a new light. You’ll love working with our professional and experienced staff. With stunning images and exceptional service, Sky Eye Films will deliver the results you want. Call us for a free estimate for your project.

If you are ready to get your FAA drone license, take a look at our Peak Drone School. Sky Eye Films offers more than photography and videography with this comprehensive and effective training program.

Where will drones go next? When it comes to the future of drones, the possibilities are endless.

The Dog Ate my Drone: How to keep your equipment safe and in good working order

dog drone.jpg

When your drone is new and you first start flying, everything is shiny and in working order. Then, things happen, trees, pets, concrete, lakes, buildings. All the things that your drone can meet that will turn them from a finely tuned machine into pieces, parts, and debris.

All kinds of calamities can befall a hobbyist drone operator. Even pros like those of us at Sky Eye can have mishaps that require drone repair. Besides, it’s good practice to know some basic drone maintenance to keep your drone operating well. You’ll also want to know how to modify your drone to carry different types of equipment, depending on your needs.

Additionally, if you don’t want your neighbor’s dogs to devour your drone like, what happened to this drone in Australia, don’t fly where you aren’t supposed to be flying. In this post, we’ll take a look at some basic ways to keep your drone safe and operating correctly.

Keep Out of Reach of Children and Pets

It might go without saying, but drones are not toys. But they sure can look like toys to kids and pets. The whirring propellers, blinking lights, and the lure of the controller itching to be touched. Keep your drone out of sight and protected in a case if you can. At the very least, place it out of reach on a high shelf or closet.

Don’t Fly Your Drone Where It’s Not Allowed

Dogs did indeed eat a drone when it crash-landed in their backyard. The dogs did their duty destroying the threat to their territory, and the owner was out an expensive piece of equipment. But the drone shouldn’t have been flying over private property, anyway. Keep your drone safe by ensuring that you are following regulations and laws for drone operation.

In the US, the Federal Aviation Administration publishes Small Unmanned Aircraft Regulations, also known as Part 107. These regulations state that you must register your drone with the FAA, and you must fly with the drone in your visible line of sight. You may only fly under 400 ft altitude, during daylight or twilight, and not within five miles of an airport without prior written permission.

Also, you may not fly your drone directly over people without their permission. Many instances where drones were damaged, or in some cases, shot down, have been due to not following these regulations. Take heart though, because it is illegal to shoot down a drone.

Keep Your Drone in Good Repair


Like with your automobile or another piece of equipment, keeping your drone well-maintained will help keep it safe and lower your chances of failure or crash. Basic drone maintenance and simple drone repair will help keep your drone working well and flying safely.

Inspect your drone regularly

Before and after every flight, look over your drone for propeller damage, cracks to the hull, and dirty sensors or cameras. If you see chips or cracks on any of your propellers, replace them. Just like with tires, it’s best to replace all props at the same time to ensure smooth, balanced flight. Check out this pre-flight checklist as a guide for your drone inspection.

Clean your drone

Keep your drone clean by trying to avoid landing in dusty or muddy areas, and by avoiding flying in bad weather. After flying, wipe down your drone with a soft damp cloth, such as a lint-free microfiber cloth. Do not spray liquid directly onto your drone. If dust gets into your camera sensor, a can of compressed air will do the trick in most cases.

Replace propellers regularly

A good rule of thumb is after every 200 flights. Even if you don’t see any cracks or chips, at this point your drone’s props are in greater danger of failing during flight, leading to a crash. It’s a good idea to keep at least one set of replacement propellers on hand at all times.

Propellers are the most frequent drone part that needs replacing. All you have to do is cut it a little close to an object to clip the edge or come in a bit hard on a landing, and your propellers can get chipped, cracked, or broken. Prop damage can happen at any time, so many drone operators take a replacement set with them into the field, in case of unexpected accidents.

You can find replacement propellers for your drone on your manufacturer’s website.

Update Your Drone’s Firmware

Before you fly your drone, check to make sure the firmware is up-to-date. Your drone manufacturer will issue updates from time-to-time to fix any bugs, reported errors, and improve safe flight. IMPORTANT: always remove your drone’s propellers before doing any repairs, including firmware updates. A drone without propellers can’t suddenly take off and crash -- which has been known to happen accidentally during a repair.

Major Drone Repair

If you need drone repair that goes beyond firmware update, cleaning, or propeller replacement, it’s a good idea to send it to your manufacturer or a certified drone technician. Be careful not to do anything that would void your manufacturer’s warranty, such as taking your drone apart or modifying it with unapproved parts. Make sure you keep your proof of purchase so you can access your warranty repairs.

If you need to send your drone back to the manufacturer, you can expect to be without it for a few weeks. Before you head down that road, check out online drone repair forums, where other drone operators give advice and answer questions. You can also check your drone manufacturer’s website. They may have a list of authorized repair centers or retail partners that you can take your drone to for possibly faster repair.

We’ve Been There

Of course, if the dog does eat your drone or you experience another interesting drone mishap, you can contact us at Sky Eye Films. We might be able to offer advice for parts, replacement, or resources. At the very least, we can commiserate. We’ve seen our share of drone misadventures over the years. How do you think we came up with this advice?

How Aerial Imagery Can Increase Real Estate Sales

Whether you are a real estate agent or trying to sell your home yourself, you want the process to go quickly and to get the most money for the house. Whether you need to move quickly for a job or have already bought another house, you will do everything you can to capture better offers and a faster sale. Even if you are not in a huge rush, why would you not want to sell the home as quickly as possible?

Thankfully, there is something you can do that will increase sales. Real estate drone photography can help sell your home faster and for more money. Sky Eye Films can help you get breathtaking imagery of your home. Whether you want photos, or you prefer real estate drone video, Sky Eye Films will get the shots you need to showcase your home to advantage.

What’s Drone Photography and Videography?


Drone photography and videography is the capture of images, whether still shots or videos, by an unmanned aerial vehicle that is controlled by remote. Most commonly, these UAVs are called drones. These unmanned vehicles are equipped with HD cameras to capture video from a distance while flying overhead.

Drone photography and videography captures images that were previously impossible to obtain by people with cameras and video recorders, either on land or on a plane. Drones are small, easily maneuverable, and can efficiently get to difficult places.

Drones are used in a variety of fields, including data collection, natural disaster observation and assistance, real estate marketing, event marketing, and safety inspections, among others. Researchers use drones to monitor equipment, supplies, inventory, and property, to name a few.

Drones have proven incredibly useful during natural disasters to locate dangerous areas or to find survivors. Because drones are agile and small, they can reach tricky places and inspect the safety of bridges, buildings, or other structures.

How are Drones used for Real Estate?

real estate.jpg

In real estate drone photography or video, we take the basic principles of drone photography and apply them to real estate. A drone will fly over a property for sale, either commercial or residential, and take still shots as well as video.

Drones contain high-quality cameras that capture dramatic and breathtaking shots of the immediately surrounding area of a structure, whether it be sweeping grassland, oceans, rivers, mountains, or hills. Beyond the landscaping, drones capture incredible images of homes from the sky.

An experienced drone pilot will capture images from a couple of hundred feet in the air to showcase the property then glide down to the driveway and show a buyer what it is like walking up to the home’s front door.

Why Should You Use Aerial Imagery?

There are many reasons to use real estate drone photography and video to sell a home. Beyond increasing the professionalism of the listing, buyers will get a complete image and impression of the house.

Aerial Images Create Dramatic Views

With the help of a drone, a listing can include compelling pictures that will immediately attract a potential buyer. An experienced pilot will be able to program a flight pattern that will target the best angles for the best photos. You will get breathtaking images that showcase the home’s appeal better than ground shots alone ever could.

Make a Virtual Tour of Your Home

Drones can even fly directly into your house right through the front door. Using drone videography, you can give future buyers the chance to feel like they are in their new home. Let them picture themselves inside, walking from room to room. A video tour gives a much more complete view of a house than still shots.

Showcase Additional Property Features

Real estate drone video and photography provides a complete look at the entire property. Rather than merely listing attractions such as a pool, landscaping, trails, rivers, or the size of the yard, show them. Let prospective buyers see just how incredible these are. Exterior features are always more spectacular in aerial video or photos than from ground shots.

Smart Business Decision

It is no secret that professional and visually impressive real estate listings sell. What better way to make your listing stand out than using professional aerial imagery to showcase the property’s unique features? The more information provided in the listing, the more likely the home is to sell faster. Aerial drone videography offers potential buyers a more comprehensive look at the house and surrounding area than traditional images alone.

More and more clients are looking for real estate agencies that use aerial imagery in their listings. Sellers understand that real estate drone photography is impressive and adds an extra touch to the listing. Selling the house more quickly, and in many cases for a higher amount, more than makes up for the upfront cost of hiring a drone pilot to take images and video.

Call Sky Eye Films


At Sky Eye Films, we want to help you sell your home as fast as possible and help you get the most money possible. We have worked with many real estate agencies to provide high-quality, compelling images of the properties they are listing.

We provide both residential and commercial listings with ultra-high-resolution imagery. At Sky Eye Films, we understand that real estate listings that include drone footage receive five times more views than listings that don’t have those same breathtaking images.

In commercial real estate sales, real estate drone photography is indispensable for potential buyers to view transportation routes, traffic, proximity to other retailers, and other pertinent data about the property. These crucial details can only be captured visually through drone videography.

Let Sky Eye Films provide you with breathtaking and compelling images for your real estate listing. We have the experience needed to ensure more views and increase the chances of a quick sale at the highest possible price.

Drones with Cameras: Taking Aerial Photography to Higher Heights

When you think of drones, you might imagine a little vehicle hovering above our heads or think about a military operation. Many people aren’t aware of how useful drones can be in recreational and professional contexts.

Drones are incredibly valuable when used for photography. Drones with cameras allow us to capture pictures that previously were impossible  -- or very difficult and expensive to obtain. Drone aerial photography is a relatively new field, and its future is promising.

Sky Eye Films is on the cutting edge of using drones in our daily life. Sky Eye Films is licensed by the FAA to provide drone photography and videography services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with incredible imagery, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is the process of taking pictures from an aircraft or another object in the sky. There are many methods used in aerial photography, including helicopters, planes, drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles), blimps, balloons, rockets, and even kites. Typically, cameras are mounted onto the flying object and either take pictures automatically or are remotely triggered.

As long as humans have been able to launch objects with a camera into the air, we have been taking aerial photographs. However, many methods are not reliable, and many can be incredibly expensive and dangerous to the pilots or camera operators.

Thankfully, with the advent of aerial drone photography, pictures from the air have become more affordable and accessible. Technology has advanced so far that drones are relatively inexpensive, and high-quality cameras have gotten smaller and smaller.

Not only is drone aerial photography affordable, but there are also fewer restrictions on getting these pictures. Photography with drones has fewer regulations controlling its use, and the smaller unmanned planes can get to places that larger vehicles cannot.

When to Use Aerial Photography


Drones with cameras are revolutionizing business. Hiring a company to take expert aerial images can enhance your marketing efforts and bring in additional profit. Drone aerial photography is affordable for all industries.

Marketing and event photography benefit greatly from aerial imagery. Obtaining high-quality aerial photography used to be an expensive and challenging process. Now, just about every company can afford some aerial imagery if they want.

You will be able to better market your event or business with an image showing your business from the sky. Imagine an event that was photographed from the air so future attendees can see how incredible the event looks and how many people enjoyed themselves. Or consider a marketing campaign to raise money. Aerial imagery can give potential donors an idea about what their donations are supporting.

Disaster Relief

Another place to use drones with cameras is during disaster relief. Drones can be used to locate people who need help and direct rescue workers to their location. Imagine using eyes in the sky to find survivors after a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood. Emergency workers have used drones to locate where a plane has crashed, monitor forest fires or volcanoes, and assess the damage to roads and travel ways. Aerial imagery from drones can be used to understand how the disaster occurred and to better prepare for future events.

Real Estate

Aerial photography from drones can help in the real estate industry as well. Firms which focus on commercial real estate have used drones to replace the expensive use of helicopters and planes. Residential real estate agencies use drones with cameras to take aerial photographs and video of homes or estates they are selling. This additional marketing tool helps homes sell faster as prospective buyers get a dramatic feel for the property.

Aerial photography helps potential buyers or investors get a better idea of the structure, as well as the surrounding area much better than seeing everything eye-level. With the increased availability of drones, aerial photography is not limited to multi-million dollar properties.

Safety Inspections

Drones with cameras can also make safety inspections more accessible and more productive. A drone with a camera can more easily maneuver into areas that were previously difficult to access or unreachable.

A drone can get into tricky areas around dams, bridges, buildings, or other structures. Previously, a person had to take a substantial risk climbing onto or being suspended from these structures to get these inspections done. Drones not only make this process more affordable, but they also increase its accuracy. Thorough safety inspections save lives.

Data Uses

Drones have made data mapping drastically more efficient and accurate. Surveyors no longer have to rely on gathering information from the ground. Drones with cameras can get specific images with particular flight routes and report back this accurate data. Drones have changed the way we survey and map areas.

Furthermore, drones can be used for managing the inventory of large warehouses. Rather than using humans to count inventory, which can be time-consuming and full of errors, a drone outfitted with optical sensors and RFID technology can do a fly-by and quickly and accurately monitor inventory. This can save companies valuable time and money.

Call Sky Eye Films


If you are interested in using aerial photography for any of these reasons -- or any reason not listed -- Sky Eye Films has the experience and tools to ensure you get high-quality pictures at an affordable price.

At Sky Eye Films, we specialize in residential as well as commercial aerial photography. We can also help with construction management, nature landscapes, and inspections. We have drones outfitted with the tech to provide mapping and data services to assist your company with quickly and accurately obtaining data to make essential decisions.

If you love the idea of aerial imagery and want to do more than hire a firm to take pictures, we offer professional drone pilot training. Learn how to pilot these incredible machines and use them on your own. We even offer a kids drone flight school. Get this technology into the hands of the next generation and give your child a head start.

At Sky Eye Films, we like the view from above, and we think you will, too.