Kids Drone Flight School


Kids love drones! And we love teaching them about the science of drone flight and how drones are being used today and in the near future. Students train to fly in real world scenarios that emphasize safety and are tons of fun!

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operation: fun!

Students train to fly drones through real world "missions" including individual and team challenges like search and rescue, codebreaking operations and obstacle courses.  

Kids Drone Flight School and Sky Eye Films present Wolfpack Bravo 5 of St Francis, MN.


student youtube videos

Student pilots create videos of their experience in Kids Drone Flight School to show off their skills to family and friends. See more KDFS videos here. 

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science content

While the kids are having so much fun learning about drones, they don’t even notice that there is science learning going on. What they do notice is the discovery that learning about drones is really fun!


testimonials about kids drone flight school

Sky Eye Films eagerly jumped on the opportunity to participate in the Dragon Technology Summit when approached last summer. The students and staff absolutely loved the energy, expertise, professionalism and hands-on opportunity that Sean brought to the summit. His session was was the number one ranked session and each reviewer rated it as Awesome! The communication and enthusiasm Sean presented was perfect. He has a calm and organized approach to dealing with students of all ages. We look forward to future collaboration with Sean and Sky Eye Films at Pine City High School.
— Dihanna Fedder, District Technology Integrationist
This class taught me how to fly a drone, how they work, how they were built, and what they are aiming them to be used for in the future.  This was a really awesome experience and I suggest that you take this opportunity because not everyone gets a chance like this!!!
— Eric B.


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