Since its beginnings in the early 1800’s, photography has captured the interest of millions of enthusiasts. From the first photograph in 1826, which does not contain anything recognizable, to today’s high-resolution drone photography, the art is evolving rapidly.

In just one generation, we have gone from film photography, with up to a two-week wait to see the results, to unmanned drone photography that provides instant images. It’s a thrilling field to be in, and we are excited to share our passion and skill with you.

Sky Eye Films is proud to offer professional aerial photography for our clients to meet a variety of needs. Our ultra-high resolution drone photography helps you tell a story. Whether you want a keepsake picture of your first home or need photos of a construction project you oversee, Sky Eye provides you with top-of-the-line images.

Our FAA-licensed drone photographers will capture exactly the pictures you want. We guarantee it. We offer high-quality images to meet all of these needs:

  • Residential photos

  • Commercial photos

  • Real estate photos for sellers

  • Nature “scapes”

  • Construction assessment photos

  • Insurance investigation photos

  • Wedding photos

  • Family reunion photos

If you’ve wondered about the benefits of hiring a drone photographer for your special event or other needs, now is the time to take the plunge. The incredible views that aerial photography offers are stunning and unique. From action shots to natural wonders to images of your next big gathering, drone photography tells your story in beautiful, dramatic fashion.

Sky Eye Films offers our famous Not-One-Dime Guarantee for all of our aerial imagery. If you aren’t completely satisfied, you will not pay one dime. We aim to create lifelong fans of our work, and we are passionate about delivering excellent service and products. We are confident that our expert photographers will capture precisely the images you want. You won’t be disappointed.