Why the Way that You Train for Your Part 107 Certification is Important

Studying for the FAA’s Part 107 Pilot Exam

Passing the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 107 test to become a certified drone pilot is no joke. In fact, the test encompasses the same material that you’d have to learn if you were studying for a private pilot’s license or learning to fly a manned aircraft.

There are many strategies to study for this test, including some companies that claim they can get you ready for the test with flashcards in an app on your phone or through a one-day seminar. At Sky Eye Films, we believe in learning by doing with others who are studying for the same exam. We believe that studying with actual pilots who have hundreds of hours of experience will get you further and more prepared. Additionally, working with others seeking that same experience is a natural way to truly learn and not just study. That’s why we offer our Peak Drone Flight School.

Over the course of the Exam Preparation Program, you’ll learn to master the terminology, concepts, and procedures in the FAA’s 1,100-page manual, even if you haven’t come from an aviation background.

We’ll teach you:

  • How to operate safely in national airspace

  • How to read a sectional map

  • Longitude and latitude

  • Bravo, Charlie, and Delta airspace

  • How to read a TAF report (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast)

  • Aeronautical decision-making

  • How to read a METAR report (Meteorological Aerodome/Aviation Report)

  • Airport operations

  • Crew resource management

  • Radio communication procedures

  • Small, non-crewed aircraft regulations, privileges, limitations, and flight operation

  • Emergency procedures

  • Maintenance and preflight inspection procedures

  • Much more

At Peak Drone Flight School, we believe the best way to learn is side-by-side and shoulder-to-shoulder in a friendly atmosphere. Our instructors and your fellow students will be there for you not just for the duration of the program, but as your friends and community, flying together and cheering each other on long after the classes end and your certification is in hand.

We also believe in supporting the pilots we work with, which is why we have a premier learning partnership with Drone U. Our students gain access to Drone U’s podcast archive, their daily vlogs, live training events in many categories and locations throughout the US, and to the private Facebook group where members share stories and tips, compliment each other’s work, and continue their lifelong learning

Join us for our Peak Drone Flight School program at one of our upcoming locations throughout the Midwest! And happy flying!