The March of the Drones: Where they were, where they are and where they are headed


As technology and demand have grown over the years, drones have become much more than a hobby. Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are not only fun to fly but also are useful tools in a variety of industries. From aerial photography to military surveillance, drones have essential jobs.

Many industries employ drones in their operations. Real estate professionals, insurance companies, and more use these fantastic tools to make jobs easier and more efficient. At Sky Eye Films, we reveal beauty through our stunning drone photography images. Aerial photography provides an alternate way of viewing things, whether it’s a house for sale or a beautiful landscape.

Sky Eye Films also understands the importance of drone education and drone pilot training. We believe in promoting drone use, and we are committed to helping others understand the drone world.

To envision the where drones are headed, it’s essential to understand where they have been. Drones have come a long way over the years. The future is exciting for the world of drones, and if you’ve been interested in this fascinating field, now is the time to catch a ride.


Believe it or not, drones have been around for more than a century. Drones have been a part of many different projects and tasks in the past 170 years and continue to make their mark today.

Early Drone History

It may come as a surprise to learn that drones began as far back as 1849. The history of drones begins with unmanned hot air balloons. Used by the Austrians to attack Venice with explosives, these hot air balloons were not always the most reliable weapons. However, they did pave the way for today’s drone.

Early in the 1900s, Great Britain created the first pilotless aircraft. However, this first drone did was not adopted as an effective tool for the British military. As World War II began, scientists and military engineers continued to explore drone technology.

During the 1980s, the drones we now think of became a popular military tool for surveillance and scouting enemy positions. Drones also have the critical task of taking pictures for reconnaissance missions. Later, they were used to deploy explosives -- much more effectively and precisely than those first Austrian un-piloted hot air balloons.

Drones Transition Toward Commercial Use

Although drones got their start as a military tool, as technology grew in the early 2000’s, people began adapting them for additional uses. Soon the Federal Aviation Administration approved commercial use of drones, although their popularity didn’t immediately take off.

Leave it to retail giant Amazon to kickstart the drone craze. As Amazon began testing using drones for package deliveries, the public’s interest grew. Soon, businesses found numerous ways to use drones for a wide variety of tasks.

Drones Today

Today, drones participate in many operations and projects. As technology advances, making drones more efficient and less expensive, people continue to find uses for these fantastic tools.

Military Use

The military still uses drones today. Drones play a role in military defense as they provide surveillance and deliver supplies and medicine. Drones are also sometimes used offensively by the military for targeted strikes.

Disaster Relief

Drone use improves disaster relief efforts. Drones can fly to unreachable areas and take photos to assess and report damage. Drones are even sometimes used to help prevent forest fires. By monitoring abnormal forest temperatures, drones help identify areas prone to fire.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies use aerial photos taken by drones to document insurance claims. Drones are a cost-saving measure in this case as they can collect images instead of sending out an adjuster.


The tourism and hospitality industry uses drone aerial photography and videography to better market their resorts and hotels. Beautiful aerial images showcase the property and feature its amenities in more effective advertising campaigns.

Real Estate

The use of drones to feature real estate is changing the face of home sales. Aerial photography can show not only a house but also the surrounding area. Drones can capture vantage points that aren’t ordinarily available, such as flying through the front door for a walk-through or showing the view from the roof. Home buyers can get a first look at a property before checking it out in person.

The Future of Drones

Drones are making headway in commercial as well as private use. Whether a hobby, a side job, or a lucrative career, drones are paving the way for innovation. With technology always advancing, drones will continue to be a prominent tool in the future.

Drones themselves are becoming easier to use, which will make them more accessible to people. As people gain interest in this exciting field, new ideas will transpire. The sky's the limit when you’re thinking about the future of drones.

From military advancement to commercial use, drones are ready to change the way we do business.

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Where will drones go next? When it comes to the future of drones, the possibilities are endless.