How Aerial Imagery Can Increase Real Estate Sales

Whether you are a real estate agent or trying to sell your home yourself, you want the process to go quickly and to get the most money for the house. Whether you need to move quickly for a job or have already bought another house, you will do everything you can to capture better offers and a faster sale. Even if you are not in a huge rush, why would you not want to sell the home as quickly as possible?

Thankfully, there is something you can do that will increase sales. Real estate drone photography can help sell your home faster and for more money. Sky Eye Films can help you get breathtaking imagery of your home. Whether you want photos, or you prefer real estate drone video, Sky Eye Films will get the shots you need to showcase your home to advantage.

What’s Drone Photography and Videography?


Drone photography and videography is the capture of images, whether still shots or videos, by an unmanned aerial vehicle that is controlled by remote. Most commonly, these UAVs are called drones. These unmanned vehicles are equipped with HD cameras to capture video from a distance while flying overhead.

Drone photography and videography captures images that were previously impossible to obtain by people with cameras and video recorders, either on land or on a plane. Drones are small, easily maneuverable, and can efficiently get to difficult places.

Drones are used in a variety of fields, including data collection, natural disaster observation and assistance, real estate marketing, event marketing, and safety inspections, among others. Researchers use drones to monitor equipment, supplies, inventory, and property, to name a few.

Drones have proven incredibly useful during natural disasters to locate dangerous areas or to find survivors. Because drones are agile and small, they can reach tricky places and inspect the safety of bridges, buildings, or other structures.

How are Drones used for Real Estate?

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In real estate drone photography or video, we take the basic principles of drone photography and apply them to real estate. A drone will fly over a property for sale, either commercial or residential, and take still shots as well as video.

Drones contain high-quality cameras that capture dramatic and breathtaking shots of the immediately surrounding area of a structure, whether it be sweeping grassland, oceans, rivers, mountains, or hills. Beyond the landscaping, drones capture incredible images of homes from the sky.

An experienced drone pilot will capture images from a couple of hundred feet in the air to showcase the property then glide down to the driveway and show a buyer what it is like walking up to the home’s front door.

Why Should You Use Aerial Imagery?

There are many reasons to use real estate drone photography and video to sell a home. Beyond increasing the professionalism of the listing, buyers will get a complete image and impression of the house.

Aerial Images Create Dramatic Views

With the help of a drone, a listing can include compelling pictures that will immediately attract a potential buyer. An experienced pilot will be able to program a flight pattern that will target the best angles for the best photos. You will get breathtaking images that showcase the home’s appeal better than ground shots alone ever could.

Make a Virtual Tour of Your Home

Drones can even fly directly into your house right through the front door. Using drone videography, you can give future buyers the chance to feel like they are in their new home. Let them picture themselves inside, walking from room to room. A video tour gives a much more complete view of a house than still shots.

Showcase Additional Property Features

Real estate drone video and photography provides a complete look at the entire property. Rather than merely listing attractions such as a pool, landscaping, trails, rivers, or the size of the yard, show them. Let prospective buyers see just how incredible these are. Exterior features are always more spectacular in aerial video or photos than from ground shots.

Smart Business Decision

It is no secret that professional and visually impressive real estate listings sell. What better way to make your listing stand out than using professional aerial imagery to showcase the property’s unique features? The more information provided in the listing, the more likely the home is to sell faster. Aerial drone videography offers potential buyers a more comprehensive look at the house and surrounding area than traditional images alone.

More and more clients are looking for real estate agencies that use aerial imagery in their listings. Sellers understand that real estate drone photography is impressive and adds an extra touch to the listing. Selling the house more quickly, and in many cases for a higher amount, more than makes up for the upfront cost of hiring a drone pilot to take images and video.

Call Sky Eye Films


At Sky Eye Films, we want to help you sell your home as fast as possible and help you get the most money possible. We have worked with many real estate agencies to provide high-quality, compelling images of the properties they are listing.

We provide both residential and commercial listings with ultra-high-resolution imagery. At Sky Eye Films, we understand that real estate listings that include drone footage receive five times more views than listings that don’t have those same breathtaking images.

In commercial real estate sales, real estate drone photography is indispensable for potential buyers to view transportation routes, traffic, proximity to other retailers, and other pertinent data about the property. These crucial details can only be captured visually through drone videography.

Let Sky Eye Films provide you with breathtaking and compelling images for your real estate listing. We have the experience needed to ensure more views and increase the chances of a quick sale at the highest possible price.