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Are you an aspiring professional drone pilot setting out to use your skills and knowledge in a new career as an aerial photographer and videographer? If you are hoping to see new and exciting locations, work in an expanding field, and have fun flying your drone for work, you’ll need to make sure you have the essential gear for the job.

Just like any job, having the right tools is vital in creating success. The good news about drones is that the gear for the job is fun and exciting for tech-savvy pilots. Checking out the latest in technology and equipment is part of the drone experience.

Whether you’re just starting or have been working with drones for pleasure or work for a while, making sure you are up-to-date on all of the great gear out there will make your drone experience even more fun.

If you are looking for a new drone or drone accessories to outfit you with everything you need for taking aerial photographs and videos, you’ll love checking out all of the essential gear for operating your drone.

First Things First: The Drone


You might be wondering just where to start when it comes to purchasing a drone. The first thing to consider is how you will be using your drone. If you are looking for a professional drone instead of one for recreational use, you will likely consider a different type.

There are many different drones to choose from. You’ll want to consider the distance your drone needs to be able to fly and how long its battery will last. This will be important if you are out on the job and require a certain amount of footage.

Speed is also an important consideration when deciding which drone is best for you. You’ll want to make sure you choose a drone that can stand up to the task at hand if you plan on using it professionally.

There is a lot to consider when selecting the professional drone for you. Battery life, distance, and speed are all critical factors. You’ll want to do your research whether looking for a drone for commercial use or recreational use.

The Drone Camera

The camera on your drone is as important as the drone itself if you will be using it professionally. The camera will be responsible for capturing your footage for your clients, so you will want to make sure it is suitable for the work you will be doing.

The camera’s resolution, as well as it’s zooming abilities are essential considerations for selecting the best camera for you. Your camera’s zoom capabilities can make your camera more versatile when it comes to the shots you’ll be able to take.

Your drone camera will enable you to get creative depending on its features and specifics. You’ll want to spend time assessing different cameras and what aspects will be necessary for the type of work you plan on doing.

Aerial photography and videography is a fantastic up-and-coming industry and to be a part of it; you’ll need to have the proper equipment for performing any task.

Clear For Landing (Pads)


To keep your drone in proper shape and working order, you’ll want to ensure that your drone has a place to land where it won’t pick up debris and dirt. Flying your drone outside comes with the possibility of encountering dust, dirt, and other debris.

A landing pad provides the perfect place to land your drone and keep it safe, clean, and free from damage. You’ll find that a landing pad is an essential item for maintaining your drone and keeping it intact.

Gear Bag

Of course, you’ll need an equipment bag that can safely store and transport your gear from job to job. You’ll also want to make sure whichever bag you choose will be convenient and make the contents easily accessible.

Having a second gear bag to carry all of your extra accessories and back up gear is also a great idea. The right bag will protect your equipment as you travel and keep everything organized.

Extras and Back-Ups

To properly prepare for a job, you won’t want to forget anything or find out something doesn’t work correctly. That’s why it’s essential to make sure you have back up batteries, charging cables, range boosters, transmitters, and even extra propellers.

Preparing for any situation will leave you ready when something potentially goes wrong. Your professionalism will show on the job when you can rectify an unfortunate situation with your extra and back up gear.

Your Gear is Essential To Your Success


If you are ready to start freelance work as an aerial photographer and videographer full-time or part-time, you’ll need the correct tools for the job. You’ll be ready to take on any available job if you know that you have reliable, quality equipment on hand to tackle any job requirement.

Chances are if you are a drone pilot, your interest in drones came from an interest in high-tech gadgets and tools. Selecting the gear you will use with your drone, as well as the drone itself, will certainly be an enjoyable experience as you research and learn about what products are available.

When starting as an aerial photographer or videographer, you’ll be working to market yourself as a capable professional and having the right quality equipment will make you a desirable and ready candidate for any job.

Have some fun, do some research, and get yourself set up to tackle the fun and exciting new career with your drone and accessories. You’ll have a blast finding the perfect setup for your new business, and learn something, too.

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If you are new to drones and want to learn more and become a drone pilot, take a look at our Peak Drone School. At Peak Drone School, you can earn your FAA certification and learn from real-world, hands-on instruction. You’ll have the knowledge and experience to start your new career and get the gear you’ll need for an excellent start.