Drones with Cameras: Taking Aerial Photography to Higher Heights

When you think of drones, you might imagine a little vehicle hovering above our heads or think about a military operation. Many people aren’t aware of how useful drones can be in recreational and professional contexts.

Drones are incredibly valuable when used for photography. Drones with cameras allow us to capture pictures that previously were impossible  -- or very difficult and expensive to obtain. Drone aerial photography is a relatively new field, and its future is promising.

Sky Eye Films is on the cutting edge of using drones in our daily life. Sky Eye Films is licensed by the FAA to provide drone photography and videography services. We are dedicated to providing our clients with incredible imagery, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Aerial Photography

Drones With Camera

Aerial photography is the process of taking pictures from an aircraft or another object in the sky. There are many methods used in aerial photography, including helicopters, planes, drones (or unmanned aerial vehicles), blimps, balloons, rockets, and even kites. Typically, cameras are mounted onto the flying object and either take pictures automatically or are remotely triggered.

As long as humans have been able to launch objects with a camera into the air, we have been taking aerial photographs. However, many methods are not reliable, and many can be incredibly expensive and dangerous to the pilots or camera operators.

Thankfully, with the advent of aerial drone photography, pictures from the air have become more affordable and accessible. Technology has advanced so far that drones are relatively inexpensive, and high-quality cameras have gotten smaller and smaller.

Not only is drone aerial photography affordable, but there are also fewer restrictions on getting these pictures. Photography with drones has fewer regulations controlling its use, and the smaller unmanned planes can get to places that larger vehicles cannot.

When to Use Aerial Photography


Drones with cameras are revolutionizing business. Hiring a company to take expert aerial images can enhance your marketing efforts and bring in additional profit. Drone aerial photography is affordable for all industries.

Marketing and event photography benefit greatly from aerial imagery. Obtaining high-quality aerial photography used to be an expensive and challenging process. Now, just about every company can afford some aerial imagery if they want.

You will be able to better market your event or business with an image showing your business from the sky. Imagine an event that was photographed from the air so future attendees can see how incredible the event looks and how many people enjoyed themselves. Or consider a marketing campaign to raise money. Aerial imagery can give potential donors an idea about what their donations are supporting.

Disaster Relief

Another place to use drones with cameras is during disaster relief. Drones can be used to locate people who need help and direct rescue workers to their location. Imagine using eyes in the sky to find survivors after a natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood. Emergency workers have used drones to locate where a plane has crashed, monitor forest fires or volcanoes, and assess the damage to roads and travel ways. Aerial imagery from drones can be used to understand how the disaster occurred and to better prepare for future events.

Real Estate

Aerial photography from drones can help in the real estate industry as well. Firms which focus on commercial real estate have used drones to replace the expensive use of helicopters and planes. Residential real estate agencies use drones with cameras to take aerial photographs and video of homes or estates they are selling. This additional marketing tool helps homes sell faster as prospective buyers get a dramatic feel for the property.

Aerial photography helps potential buyers or investors get a better idea of the structure, as well as the surrounding area much better than seeing everything eye-level. With the increased availability of drones, aerial photography is not limited to multi-million dollar properties.

Safety Inspections

Drones with cameras can also make safety inspections more accessible and more productive. A drone with a camera can more easily maneuver into areas that were previously difficult to access or unreachable.

A drone can get into tricky areas around dams, bridges, buildings, or other structures. Previously, a person had to take a substantial risk climbing onto or being suspended from these structures to get these inspections done. Drones not only make this process more affordable, but they also increase its accuracy. Thorough safety inspections save lives.

Data Uses

Drones have made data mapping drastically more efficient and accurate. Surveyors no longer have to rely on gathering information from the ground. Drones with cameras can get specific images with particular flight routes and report back this accurate data. Drones have changed the way we survey and map areas.

Furthermore, drones can be used for managing the inventory of large warehouses. Rather than using humans to count inventory, which can be time-consuming and full of errors, a drone outfitted with optical sensors and RFID technology can do a fly-by and quickly and accurately monitor inventory. This can save companies valuable time and money.

Call Sky Eye Films


If you are interested in using aerial photography for any of these reasons -- or any reason not listed -- Sky Eye Films has the experience and tools to ensure you get high-quality pictures at an affordable price.

At Sky Eye Films, we specialize in residential as well as commercial aerial photography. We can also help with construction management, nature landscapes, and inspections. We have drones outfitted with the tech to provide mapping and data services to assist your company with quickly and accurately obtaining data to make essential decisions.

If you love the idea of aerial imagery and want to do more than hire a firm to take pictures, we offer professional drone pilot training. Learn how to pilot these incredible machines and use them on your own. We even offer a kids drone flight school. Get this technology into the hands of the next generation and give your child a head start.

At Sky Eye Films, we like the view from above, and we think you will, too.