Drone Repair As A Career Option



What comes to mind when you think about drones? Most people think about them for recreational use, but there is an astounding number of drone careers making their way into the job market.

In the next few years, thousands of drone careers will be available in multiple markets. Real estate companies are already using drone videography to help sell homes. Drones are being used to help make maps as well as for photography, modeling, thermography, and cinematography.

The drone market is blowing up, and it is an exciting time to become part of it. Drone flying will add jobs to the economy at all experience levels. Getting your dream job flying drones is not only in-demand, but fun to do. If you are getting excited about the thought of a career in drones, contact the UAV professionals at Sky Eye Films for a closer look at drones and what you can do with them.

With the increase in drone-related careers, there is one specialty that often sits in the background but will become the most needed career of all — drone repair.

The Need for Drone Repair Technicians

It doesn’t matter whether you purchased your drone to make money, start a business, or just for fun, the joy of opening that package is the same. You pull out the pieces with great anticipation of getting it into the air. Everything you need to start your journey to being a drone pilot is in that box.

Even the instructions on how to assemble and use it are exciting to open and read. You are about to be a drone pilot, and you can’t wait. In your excitement, you probably didn’t realize that there is nothing in the box to tell you how to maintain your drone, or how to fix it when it breaks. When you have a broken drone in your hands, then and only then will drone repair come to your mind.

Your drone is broken, performing erratically, or needs maintenance. You begin to panic. You call the manufacturer, and if they can’t help you, you start to feel stuck. Sadly, there is a good reason for your despair.

There are no standard scheduled maintenance instructions for drones. The FAA offers some general information (see Chapter 7) about safe operation and pre-flight inspection, but will that be enough? No.

Drone Purchases Outpacing Drone Repair Guidelines


When it comes to drone maintenance, each drone type and manufacturer has different recommendations and procedures, but that piece of paper wasn’t in your box.

The reason you are having a hard time finding maintenance and repair information is two-fold. Since there are no specific rules concerning drone maintenance that manufacturers must follow, then there are also no standard drone maintenance guidelines.

The second issue is that a drone, or UAS, does not have specific design requirements since it does not need to be a certificated aircraft. That leads to a wide variance in design and quality.

Drone technology, just like drone use, is changing very quickly. The FAA realized that it would be too complicated to provide a set of maintenance rules in addition to prescribing new maintenance and safety requirements because of how rapidly the UAS technology is changing.

Are Drone Repair Technicians Needed?

Back to your box. There are no maintenance or repair instructions, and you’re staring at an inoperable drone. Do you trash it and buy another one? Is there someone out there who can fix it?

If you have a less expensive recreational drone, tossing it and buying another one may be the thing to do, especially if you didn’t get a replacement warranty. If you have a more expensive drone, especially one you use to make money, knowing where you can find a good drone repair technician will be priceless.

Without drone repair technicians, your only option to fix your drone is returning it to the manufacturer. Why give the buyer a maintenance or repair manual when you can put them in a position to have to send it back to you when it breaks?

Maybe that sounds bad, but business is business.

When Does the need for a Drone Repair technician Arise?


As mentioned earlier, if you own a $100 drone and it breaks, a drone repair technician would probably be of little use to you. But what if you own a drone that cost you anywhere from $5,000 - $70,000? Is this a drone you want to throw in the trash? Do you want to send it back to the manufacturer to be fixed on their schedule?

If you own an expensive drone, you probably need it. If you are making money with your drone, you definitely need it. Every day you are without your drone is a day you are losing money. You need a knowledgeable and accessible drone repair technician.

With so many industries using drones today, they need their drones in working order at all times. Think of the drones used in sports stadiums and law enforcement. What about the drones used by the government?

These drones require regular maintenance and repair, and someone has to be there to do it.

What about those who have a personal business using drones? We have already discussed that manufacturers do not include maintenance manuals, and that people who use drones for business need their drones in good working order. The only way to take care of this issue is to train others to maintain and repair drones and promote drone repair as a viable career.

It doesn’t matter that drone operators are often the cause of their drones needing repair. The fact is simple. We need people who are trained to repair broken drones and help keep them in good operating condition.

Become a Drone Repair Technician

We have a growing need for drone technicians. If you are interested in becoming a drone repair technician, look for a certification program or school near you and get in there. If drone usage is going to grow, we are going to need people all over the world who can maintain and repair them.

If you are interested, check out the professionals at Sky Eye Films for more information.