The time has finally come. You’ve entered the futuristic world bent on conquering your enemies and claiming the “Best of the Best.”

The tournament was long, but you fought hard. You’ve made it to the finals. Now, insides these walls, which are thicker than a medieval castle and harder than steel, one last race stands between you and Drone Racing glory.

You gently place your drone on its starting position as you slowly slide on your goggles and see the drone’s F.P.V. video feed. The bulky and console feels light in your hands, and you play with the twin joysticks that will control the direction, pitch, angle and speed of the flight. The countdown begins.

“Pilots, get ready. In five, four, three, two, one ... GO!”

You give the command, and the drone leaps into the air in an instant. Your little glowing spaceship zips around in tight formations at nearly 80 miles per hour, weaving through glowing gateways, and gliding through narrow tunnels. There are five other pilots in the competition. You are not just racing them, but you’re also battling against the clock — every second counts.

Your adrenaline is pumping as you take the lead — one more lap to victory. You stay focus, smoothly taking every tight turn with ease. You come to turn six and see another pilot gaining on you. You quickly adjust to avoid colliding, your hand slips off the controls, but you quickly recover and maintain the lead.

On the final turn, a loud beeping sounds in your headset. You know that sound. That sound feels you with fear. Your ship’s battery is critically low. You have only seconds before the battery dies and your ship crashes. The finish line is inches away, and victory is there for the taking. You’re going to make it! You’re going to win!



Becoming a top drone racer is not as easy as playing video games. One of the first steps you must accomplish is learning how to fly a drone.

Sky Eye Films’ drone pilot training course provides you with multifaceted training. Whether you’re a beginner or seeking FAA Part 107 pilot certification, or just competing in tournaments around the world, Sky Eye Films will train you to not only pass your test but also how to keep your drone from crashing.

Welcome to SKY EYE FILMS

Our company is a full-service photography and videography production company. Additionally, we provide pilot training through our Peak Drone School and Kids Drone Flight School programs

At Sky Eye, we know when drone racing, you need to think and speak like a pilot. Words like telemetry, roll, yaw, accelerometer, pitch, and gyroscope are not part of everyday language, but they’re part of the drone pilot world. Our classes will not only teach you what these terms mean but how they affect your drone’s flight. Knowing how your drone reacts to different commands could be the difference between your drone crossing the finishing line, or crashing into the wall.

Our drone training provides comprehensive Unmanned Aircraft Systems guidance for beginners and advanced pilots.  Whether you are a newcomer seeking to conquer the racing world or need to complete your FAA Part 107 pilot certification, or an advanced pilot responsible for lifesaving tactical missions, we are here to help you with a drone training course that fits your needs and skill level.  



Drone racing has become extremely widespread across the planet, and most experts claim it will become more popular. Drones technology has slowly evolved from small toys used occasionally, to professional tools and machines used in many aspects of life.

Whether its transporting goods, taking aerial photography, inspections or emergency and disaster response, drones have become integrated into everyday society.

In this competitive sport, pilots control quad-copters, furnished with cameras. The pilots wear 3D display goggles showing them live feed from the drone. The goal of this race is to finish a course the fastest way possible. The race may seem simple, but it’s much harder than it looks. Timing is critical, and having a drone constructed of sturdy, lightweight carbon fiber that can withstand impact is essential.


Drone Racing has become so popular, that it sprung its own international professional league. The Drone Racing League, founded in 2015, provides pilots opportunities to compete against other identical, custom-built drones at speeds that exceed 80 MPH through three-dimensional courses. The league’s races, described by Quartz as “pod-racing from Stars Wars.”

The league has scheduled events in locations around the globe, immersing fans in video-game-inspired courses.


Whether you are a professional videographer, weekend drone warrior or skilled drone racer, it is vital for you to fly your drone legally. According to the Federal Aviation Administration, whether you’re only flying a drone in your own yard, drones that exceed 0.55 pounds must be registered. Additionally, it is recommended racing pilots obtain your FAA Part 107 pilot certification.


Drone Racing is just one of the fun ways you can use your drone. Flying a drone is a great tool to take awesome aerial photos, record family outings, create video messages or record your children’s sporting events. You can even use your drone to help you cook, or to get the even with Uncle Jim during the annual family reunion's water balloon fight.


At Sky Eye, we know kids love drones, and we offer a Kids Drone Flight school. We love teaching children the science of drone flight and how drones are being used today and in the future.  Students train to fly in real-world scenarios and obstacles, stressing safety but still having loads of fun!


It seems like there’s a lot to do before your first race, but Sky Eye Films is ready to help. With us you, you’ll soon be gliding through dark, narrow tunnels, on your way to conquering your opponents and claiming the title of “Best of Best.”

Want more information about drone racing? Contact us anytime.