How to become a professional drone pilot

Do Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) fascinate you? Do you already have an interest in drones and fly them recreationally? Drones open up a new world when it comes to photography, videography, and so much more. People use drones not only for enjoyment and fun, but to complete jobs and essential tasks.

You might be considering turning your love of flying drones into a career. With the many opportunities that drones now provide for today’s economy, you can use your knowledge and interest of drones for employment, or even start your own business.

If you are thinking about becoming a professional drone pilot, there are necessary steps to take to get your FAA certification. By becoming a licensed drone pilot, you are opening the door to several career opportunities as well as using your passion for work.

Drone flight school is an excellent way to prepare yourself for work as a commercial drone pilot and start your licensure process. At Peak Drone School, you can prepare for your license exam and receive hands-on, real-world experience to get you ready for your new career path.

Naturally, becoming a professional drone pilot does take some work, but it will be a rewarding experience that’s equally enjoyable. Your new skill set can elevate your career and provide you with significant insight into the drone piloting world. You’ll be glad you got your FAA certification and will love the new multitude of adventures. When it comes to becoming a professional drone pilot, you can successfully achieve your goal by completing a few steps.



The first step toward being able to fly drones commercially is to obtain your FAA Certification by passing the FAA Part 107 Certification Exam. Passing this test of knowledge will grant you certification and get you your license. A drone pilot training course is a fortuitous way to begin your journey to becoming a professional pilot.

To prepare for your exam, you can enroll in an exam preparation course to ensure you gain the insight you need to pass the test. Peak Drone School provides you with the opportunity to earn your certification in only one week but also prepares you for real-world scenarios through rigorous training from experienced professionals. With six weeks of instruction, you’ll learn about UAS operations, weather, regulations, communications, safety, and more.

In addition to preparing to pass the certification exam, the dedicated experience you’ll receive will help you have an advantage when it comes to job placement. The experience you will gain will set you apart from others and make you a marketable candidate for a job or prepare you for your own freelance drone pilot work. The drone pilot training you’ll get at drone flight school through Peak Drone School will leave you ready for a new career in a growing industry.

Get the Right Gear

Aside from obtaining licensure from the FAA to fly drones commercially, you’ll need to ensure you have the proper gear and tools to do your job effectively. Keeping yourself ahead of the game by having the right tools for the right job will enable you to jump at any job opportunity that presents itself.

To be successful, keep a big enough memory card on hand to store your footage while out and about on the job. Arriving on site and realizing you don’t have the proper storage can quickly prevent you from completing the job.

You’ll also want an efficient carrying case for your gear that will protect and transport your equipment. Housing your equipment professionally will make sure you have everything you need at every job and that you are storing it safely and avoiding damage.

Some additional gear that will make completing a job easier include lights, lenses, range boosters, an external monitor, and a landing pad. These items will ensure you can efficiently and professionally accomplish your tasks with ease and accessibility.

You will also want to have plenty of backup batteries, cables, propellers, and transmitters. Keeping a nice amount of these types of items along with you will ensure you are never caught without your most essential pieces of equipment.

The Sky’s The Limit As a Professional Drone Pilot


Once you make a commitment to complete drone flight school and obtain some drone pilot training, you are ready to embark on your new career and start using your skills and knowledge. There are ample opportunities available for a career in aerial photography and videography, whether with the real estate market, construction management, advertising, the film industry, or beyond.

You can work as a freelance drone pilot or even consider starting your own business. Either way, your new career as a professional drone pilot will likely take you on many interesting adventures and possibly even to some exotic and exciting locations.

You’ll have many opportunities in this advancing industry to showcase your skills and passion for drones. Turning your favorite hobby into a career, whether full-time or part-time, will be a thrilling way to spend time flying

Start Your Journey Today

Training and certification for your drone pilot license are right at your fingertips with Peak Drone School. You can achieve your goals and make your dream a reality with drone flight school and jumpstart your career today.

Through hands-on experience and professional instruction, you’ll finish your courses ready for a career with your drone. Start collecting the proper equipment to make your new livelihood a possibility and prepare to enjoy the world of aerial photography and videography.

You never know where this exciting and growing field will take you, and a good drone pilot school can put you in the best position to launch your career as a drone pilot. With knowledge and the right equipment, you can enjoy a lively and lucrative career. Drone pilot training can open a new world for you.

Contact Peak Drone School today and see what awaits you as a newly licensed drone pilot. You won’t regret starting your journey as a drone pilot while taking your hobby and interest to the next level.