Aerial Photography: See the World with New Eyes

Rolling hills, beautiful valleys, country estates, amazing properties, and exceptional homes for sale are just some of the stunning aerial images you’ve probably seen around the internet. Aerial photography brings a new perspective and vision to your project and allows viewers to see the world with new eyes.

Aerial photography can highlight your property or home for sale, your construction project, marketing campaign, or special event. These photographs can be invaluable when it comes to selling your home or marketing your next project. Aerial photography can give you an advantage over the competition by providing you with unique pictures that feature your project in a new light.

While aerial photography has roots dating back hundreds of years, with the advancement of technology and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, as they are commonly known, aerial photography has become more popular than ever before.

Sky Eye Films uses aerial photography and videography to provide clients with a new understanding of their project, whether residential or commercial real estate, insurance inspections, construction management, or even just stunning nature images. If you are looking for an aerial photography company that can deliver incredible images that will help promote your project, Sky Eye Films is here to capture the essence of your subject and portray it in a new and exciting way.

How Can Aerial Photography Work For You?


Aerial drone photography has seized the attention of several industries and has additionally proven useful as a marketing tool. Drones have made aerial photography more accessible and available for people looking to feature their project in a new and different way.

Real Estate Sales

Aerial photography is an exceptional tool for real estate sales, as the photos can provide a different perspective for potential buyers. The beauty of aerial photography for real estate is that the images show a multitude of aspects of your property than just your typical pictures. Aerial photography can showcase not only the house from an amazing vantage point but the neighborhood and surrounding areas as well.

As a buyer, being able to assess a property from stunning aerial photos makes selecting property to investigate even easier. You will have a fantastic overall picture of the property and what it includes through aerial photos. Especially helpful for buyers who do not live nearby, aerial photography is a priceless way to visit a property without physically being there.

The advancements in aerial photography, with the aid of drones, makes advertising your commercial or residential real estate venture easier and able to stand out from all the rest.

Construction Management

Construction management utilizes aerial photography to track progress on construction projects. Drones make this process much more accessible, affordable, and reliable. Drones can access hard to reach areas of the construction project, making photos available where they previously were not.

With the assistance of drones and a knowledgeable drone pilot, photos can document progress, help with future planning on the project, and forecast the progression and completion of the project. Thanks to aerial drone photography, construction companies can show their project in a new way, which makes so many aspects of the job simpler, faster, and even safer.

Marketing Campaigns

If you are looking to knock your project out of the park and get the recognition it deserves, aerial photography can feature what you have to offer. Whether you’re an event planning company that wants to show off their latest accomplishment, a resort or hotel that would like to provide a vivid and stunning picture of what they have to offer, or a venue owner who wants to showcase your grounds and surrounding areas, aerial photography flies high.

Aerial photography can provide gorgeous images of whatever it is you are looking to promote. Aerial images will make your marketing campaign unique and exciting to your clients. Being able to represent your product or service with crisp and clear aerial images will leave a lasting impression and help your marketing campaign stand out.

Insurance Adjusting and Claims

Another way that drone aerial photography is paving the way for better utilization of a company’s resources and time is by assisting with insurance claims. Drones can be sent to capture photos of homeowner’s insurance claims for roofs or other large buildings that have damage. Drones are also useful in the event of a natural disaster when it comes to the multiple insurance claims that will inevitably occur.

Drones can easily access areas that would be difficult or even sometimes dangerous for a person to access but can capture photos for documentation, taking the place of an adjuster having to visit the location themselves. Not only will drones save the insurance company money and time, but the client as well. Drones are quickly becoming a useful tool in the insurance world.

The Future is Wide Open


Aerial drone photography is fast becoming a sought after method for obtaining photographs for a variety of purposes. Whether real estate, construction, insurance, film-making, nature photography, or event venues and planning, drone aerial photography is an outstanding way to feature a project and bring a new perspective.

Clients will appreciate the unique and new way they will be able to view and understand your project. Aerial photography offers a brand new world of gorgeous imagery that effectively showcases a project’s features and characteristics.

Sky Eye Films is ready to tackle your project with professionalism, excellent customer service, stunning images, and editing, as well as a strong satisfaction guarantee. When it comes to spotlighting your project, Sky Eye Films knows how essential quality images are.

Our high-resolution imagery will feature your project in unique and creative ways, impressing your clients and providing them with your new perspective. Your aerial photographs will speak volumes about your project and provide your clients a new way to appreciate and enjoy what you have to offer.

Contact Sky Eye Films today and see what we can do to promote your endeavor. We strive to provide you with the quality your project deserves and will exceed your expectations with our stunning images. Your next project is waiting for the next level, so let Sky Eye Films take it there.