5 Ways to Make Extra Money as a Drone Pilot

Chances are, you’ve heard of drones or seen them flying above you. You may wonder what they are doing up there. Are they spying? Is it just a toy that someone is flying around? Most likely, the drones are performing a task for a drone pilot entrepreneur or company, such as taking aerial photos or videos.  

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones as we commonly call them, are more than just a toy or a hobby. Drones are valuable tools used in many professions to get a job done. Many industries use drones to capture photographs that they otherwise could not. Aerial photography and videography is a popular way to feature homes and land for sale, as well as many other uses, such as land development, insurance inspections, and construction management.

Aerial photography and videography by drone are quickly becoming industry standard for many ventures. Sky Eye Films provides stunning images and excellent customer service for clients with aerial photography and videography needs. We don’t just take incredible photos. We also offer flight lessons and can teach you how to become a  professional and licensed drone pilot.

If you have taken an interest in drones and are considering getting your FAA license (or you already have it), you may be wondering how you can use your knowledge to make money with drones. Whether you are thinking of starting your own drone photography business or doing some freelance work, there are several fantastic ways to turn your drone flying hobby into a profitable venture.

Real Estate Photography and Videography

Real estate is probably one of the most familiar industries that come to mind when you think about how you can make money with drones.

Aerial photos and videos of residential or commercial properties for sale are a valuable marketing resource. They offer a unique way for buyers to view properties for sale and allow them to see not only the home or business but the surrounding neighborhood and landscape as well.

If you are a drone pilot and have been looking for a fun way to make money with drones, contracting your services to local real estate agents is one way to kickstart your drone side hustle.

Insurance Auditing

Insurance companies use drones to assess damage to homes, especially in the event of a roof claim. Some companies are using aerial drone photography to capture photos of roof damage and save the expense of sending out an adjuster.

Photographing roofs for insurance companies can be a quick and easy way to make money with drones.

Disaster Relief

If you are looking for a rewarding way to make extra money with your drone, disaster relief is one way to use your skills and time. Drones can provide much-needed video footage when areas are too dangerous to reach after a natural disaster or other emergencies.

Some drone pilots use their services to video damage that public safety officials can use to assess situations and plan relief efforts.

Advertising Campaigns

Hotels and resorts frequently use aerial photography and videography in their marketing and advertising campaigns. Drones can take beautiful aerial footage of the grounds and surrounding areas of hotels and resorts to use on their websites, social media, and other formats.

If you love to travel, doing this type of work with your drone could lead you to all kinds of exotic and far away places. Getting paid to travel and fly your drone sounds like a win-win.

Drone Flight School Instructor

Do you have a desire to share your knowledge of drones with others? If teaching kids about drones and piloting drones sounds interesting and rewarding, then consider partnering with Sky Eye Films to teach in their Kids Drone Flight School. If you are a licensed drone pilot and are looking to make some extra income, being an instructor at our Kids Drone Flight School is a perfect way to use your skills and knowledge to teach future generations.

As a Kids Drone Flight School instructor, you’ll teach kids about the science and technology of drones, as well as their many uses. With an emphasis on fun, Sky Eye Films provides kids with individual and team challenges that help them understand drones and how we use them today. You’ll be making an impression on your students while instilling in them an interest in drone technology and the growing number of drone pilot careers. Working with Kids Drone Flight School is an excellent way to make some extra income.

Put Your Flying Skills to the Test

The possibilities are limitless with your drone and your ability to make extra money using it in numerous fields. As technology advances, the opportunities for aerial photography and videography increases, making drones and their pilots highly sought after.

Many businesses and industries are looking to drones to simplify and accelerate their processes and products. Drones can fill a need in many areas, allowing companies to become more profitable and versatile.

If you love flying and are looking to make money with drones, opportunities are available to match your hobby with a paying side job. Whether you want to freelance for various companies and industries or want to start your own drone photography business, your skill as a drone pilot can develop beyond just a hobby.

Aside from aerial photography and videography, instructing for Kids Drone Flight School with Sky Eye Films is an excellent way to pass on your knowledge and love for technology and drones to today’s youth. You’ll be able to influence and inspire the future while making some extra income as well.

Check out Sky Eye Films to see who we are, what we do, and how aerial photography and videography is the wave of the future. Get the inspiration you need to start making some extra money as a drone pilot.