who we are


We Reveal beauty

Photography and videography are powerful because they reveal a new way of seeing and thinking about the world. With the explosion of aerial photography or drone video, this is more true than ever. Houses aren't just houses when they can be seen in the light of not just the property boundaries but the neighborhood and community.  

Imagery that helps you understand the larger picture is beautiful.  

We Reach Further

Your story gains instant share-ability with stunning imagery and video.  Whether its real estate, construction management or a special event, aerial imagery from Sky Eye Films expands your reach.   

We Deliver Vision

Every story is unique. Helping you share your unique perspective is what we do.  We take the time to learn about you, your message and your audience.    

sky eye films creates understanding

Powerful imagery that tells your unique story...beautifully.  Thats Sky Eye Films.  

We use industry leading technology and offer full post-production editing services.  We offer quick turn around times and help clients navigate the planning of their projects.  We offer ground-based photos, interiors, exteriors, aerial photos and video and more.

Sky Eye Films also offers our clients our exclusive Not-One-Dime Guarantee.  If you aren't completely satisfied with our work upon review, then you don't pay--not one dime*.  Its that simple.  We want all our clients to be Raving Fans of Sky Eye Films.  


Our commitment to creating understanding doesn't stop with our client work.  We also train pilots through our Peak Drone School and Kids Drone Flight School programs.  

Peak Drone School is an 1 week preparation course to get drone pilots the knowledge they will need to successfully pass the FAA Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) Certification exam.  

Kids Drone Flight School offers students an opportunity to train on a variety of drone platforms and learn how drones are being used today and tomorrow.  Students fly real world mission including codebreaker puzzles, search and rescue ops, obstacle courses and individual and team challenges.  Each enrolled student takes home a mini-drone of their own and helps create fun YouTube videos to share with family and friends. 



*Booking fees may still apply. Contact us today to learn more.